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Michael Gene Hashagen

Profile Updated: April 28, 2012
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Residing In:
Stockton, CA USA
Mary Lou
Contractor Electrical , Plumbing, Swimming pool
"0" mary lou's first pregnancy was what is called tubular in that our baby was growing in one of her More…tubes when after acouple months it burst and we lost the baby . She was never able to concieve after that. But we have helped rase our niece since she was 3.after her father was killed in an auto accident.
Ahley is now 26 married and we have a beautifull great niece named Stella 3years old.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I Attended Santa Rosa JC. one year.
I Went to work for my uncle in 1972 he owned Fiesta Pools in Pleasanton .I have worked in the Swimming Pool Industry since then. I am currently doing electrical contracting, mostly home remodel. Due to the state of the economy, new construction is very far and few and to many people are vying for the work. Even so I am keeping busy in Contra Costa Co.Over the years Ive worked with a couple guys you may Know or remember. In 1973 Richard Chase and I shared rent in Los Gatos home.Rich was a couple of years ahead of us he attended Amador You may Know his sister Betsy Chase "Woffington". We worked for Allan's Plumbing Co. San Jose. It was at the local nite club's there that we both met our wives to be.
Mary Lou and I were married in 1977 and have been
happily married ever since then. we own a home in Stockton we have delta water front and enjoy boating through out the delta. Rich and I have worked together over the years.Ive been self employed .and also worked 12 years for Rich he owned "A" Plumbing And Electric Co. Livermore.I left "A" Plumbing & Electric in 2001 to build Pools.
I started Medallion Pools 2002 I design and build
I have built many Pools in the Pleasanton Livermore area. Last year the new Pool construction fell off quite drastically in Alameda Contra Costa Co., Electrical contracting is much better for now.
Steve King also worked with Rich and I . He attended Amador a couple of years ahead of us.
He lives a few blocks from me and we often have
coffee and occasional lunch together. I see Kit Larson occasionally, she is a Real Estate broker here in Stockton.She is a class behind us. I used to see Larry Coffee's brother occasionally he worked at a local restaurant here.I used to run into Clark Carol in San Ramon he worked as a superintendent for Sunset Homes.Once a year @ Thanksgiving Mary Lou and I go to a family dinner in Reno Nev.and we usually spend an evening with Ken Daniels while we are there. Ken lives in Reno.
Mary lou and I enjoy "rv"ing along the coast we usually spend one week in Half Moon bay Saint Fransis St. beach in October during the pumpkin fest. and new years@ seacllif St. beach Capitola.
for the future who knows what what's in store.
I still enjoy working so Mary Lou and I are considering finding an inexpensive fixer upper to invest our retirement savings into for a resale profit.

Well I guess that's a quick look at past ,present and future.

School Story:

I remember when Marty Summerset got pulled into,
As I recall the home economics room and got his head shaved by I don't Remember who?
I think it was upper classman football teem guy's maybe Jim Lave or Tom Wilson we were freshman and walking together I "ran" and did not get caught
being a freshman in high school for a guy was a little scary at times. It all worked out though not so bad. now I can laugh.

I was very saddend to hear Tony Mecia is decieced
Tony was a very good friend of mine we had alot of great times together carousing around.chasing girls togther. Tony attended mary lou and I's wedding we found a picture of him I am posting it
below. the order of the pictures seem to have
taken on a life of there own . I think it is apropreate tonys came up first.

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