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1975-2015-Reunion Volunteers

Amador High School, Class of 1970 has successfully held a Reunion every 5 years since 1970.  Unfortunately, we’ve not maintained a list of all of those who have volunteered their time and effort.  Fortunately, we are now able to utilize technology to maintain a long term connection and a platform for communication which serves our entire 1970 Class.  Graduates and those who moved and graduated from other High Schools – are part of our Amador 1970 family and welcomed members here on our Amador1970.com website.  We’ve also invited Amador Students and Graduates from other class years – many of them are active Volunteers creating Reunions – we partner and help each other get the work done.


Thousands of hours, literally, have been invested in our Class Reunion effort.  Finding people, long before we had the internet and email was no small task, networking, phone calls, reaching out for address information took months!  Mailers, creating them, envelopes, stamps, printing, return to sender, lists and more lists. Venues – menus – deposits – prices, ticket sales, covering costs, ensuring a small fund for the next reunion effort, never an easy task!  Signing contracts, guaranteed payments in spite of the total number of attendees – bar minimums, security, facility insurance.  Entertainment – even the music, or DJ, Band, the equipment to support the In Memory Boards or Presentation, table floral arrangements, prizes and awards!  Event weekend, event night, Name Tags, photos, venue setup, venue tear down, and the start of planning the next Reunion begins!  Many have contributed their own funds to get the work done and many have contributed to our working Class Fund, healthy and strong it is. The list goes on, and on and the work keeps getting done!


If you know of anyone who has Volunteered over the years who has not been listed here, please let us know, the list is a long one and there are names missing – we’d like to ensure they are added. 


This alphabetical list seems like the best way to note the many who have helped over the many decades, with one exception, Janis Willilams who carried the torch and got the work done for many years, so we mention her here, first.  She also maintained records and details which supported the development and launch of our website in 2009.  A huge Thank You Janis and to Everyone Who Has Volunteered and Who Will Volunteer.


Reunion Event Volunteers


Mary Kay Baratta (Clauser)

Adalia Boneza (Loder)

Jane Bostedt

Richard Burton (& Heike Burton)

Mike Clauser

Craig Clifton

Emy Dohner

Ken Dye (& Laura Livingston)

Denean Frevola (Gable)

Carrie Gallagher (Astorino)

Denise Ghiglione (Termini)

Ken Greathouse

Scott Hackett

Jack Hagerty

Mary Hart (Reding)

Claudia Hensley

Sue Hillis (Pirie)

Peter Hulme

Daniel Leiske

Susan Maggach (Gilchrist Arnett)

Carol Mason (Tregenza) (& John Tregenza)

Ray McCloud

Lee McWilliams

Roxanne Nielsen

Vicki Ogelvie (Martin)

Mark Simone

Tom Skjelstad

Rich Termini

JD Bud (Jim) Thornton

Rex Toltschin

Janis Williams (Hebebrand)

Jennifer Wren (Capurro)


1970 Class Fund Donors


Anthony Abreu

Tom Adams

Tony Alvarez

Steve Bailey

Cathy Bowers

Donna Bronner

Linda Bustos

Jay Chubb

Craig Clifton

Sandra Covert (Kelley)

Linda Davis (Laforet)

Emy Dohner

Ken Dye (& Laura Livingston)

Mike Eberstein (& Debbie Eberstein)

Tom Evans

Denean Frevola (Gable)

Carrie Gallagher (Astorino)

Mark Gerton (& Kim Gerton)

Denise Ghiglione (Termini)

Frank Gomez (& Maureen Gomez)

Ken Greathouse

Charles Greeson

Jill Harris (Carmody)

Rich Hartman

Debbie Hatfield (Pendegrast)

Susan Hazlett (Reinke) (& Michael Reinke)

Sue Hillis (Pirie)

Robert Kleist

Catherine Lee

Daniel Leiske

Susan Maggach (Gilchrist Arnet)

John Mathias

Holly Mayhew (Butler)

Ray McCloud

Thomas McCullough

Sue McFate (Langdon) (& Dave Langdon)

Kathleen Morley

Betty Gail Mote (Hunt)

Roxanne Nielsen

Terry O’Connor

Vicky Ogelvie (Martin)

Chris Parker

Hugh Petersen

Maureen Prettyman (Stiles)

Rebecca Price (Spindler)

Lori Richardson (Rossi)

Judi Ruhman (Adams)

Mark Sobel

Joseph Sweeney

Jane Terry (Chic)

Rex Toltschin

Becky Tow (Byers)

Vicky Watts (Farmer)

Janis Williams

Jennifer Wren (Capurro)


Class of 1971 Volunteers


Lyle Bartch 

Jeannie Haynes (Gobanoff)

Debi Lohmann

Paul Mitchell

Michele Peppin (Johnson)