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In Memory

Craig Tyrone Williams

Craig Tyrone Williams

Thank you to Anthony 'Tony' Alvarez for sharing this update about Craig Williams.


12/30/20 10:10 AM #34     EDIT     DELETE

Tony (Anthony David) Alvarez

For those of you who don't visit the "In Memory" site, I just posted a notice of the passing of Craig "Fluff" Williams. Craig called me on Christmas Day but as is my M.O., I missed his call. I did return his call later that day and we chatted for alomost an hour, which is somewhat unusual for me. Thank God I did because Craig passed away quite unexpectedly the next day! For those of you who knew him at Amador and perhaps still have kept in contact, you know what a sweet guy he was. Well, as a grown man, he only got better. He was a family man, a man of strong faith, and just an all around great person. It's ironic that he had such a big heart and it was that heart that took him.

If you're inclined to, you can Google "Craig T Williams Obit" and it will bring you to a website that can furnish more info including a link to a memorial fund.


Thank you Anthony 'Tony' Alvarez, for sharing this update with the Class of 1970 about Craig.


Additional information from Tony

Deceased Classmate : Craig T Williams
Date Of Birth:
Date Deceased: 12-26-2020
Age at Death: 68
Cause of Death: heart attack
Classmate City: Coarsegold
Classmate State: CA
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: Wife Kay and 3 children

Craig passed away unexpectedly on 12/26/20. He was a man of Faith and family. Many of you knew him as Fluff in highschool. He had a kind and loving personality and in all the years I knew him, never had a bad word to say about anyone. I'm a better person just from knowing him. Some of you might have been closer friends and I hope I'm not being presumptuous by posting this and I encourage anyone to post their thoughts and memories of this great human being. Tony Alvarez

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06/26/23 07:50 AM #1    

Mark Simone

Very sad to hear about Craigs passing. Craig and I worked together at the Burger Pit in Dublin in the evenings after school and on the weekends.He started out as a bussboy and then worked his way up to Set up next to me at the Grill where I cooked the steaks and hamburgers on the charcoal grill and he would set up the plates with the garlic bread salid, bake potatoes etc. He eventually was cooking on the charcoal grill too. When we worked together everyone called us the Mod Squad.

I remember I use to take this large chopping knife that was used to chop heads of lettice and I would flip it into the air and then catch it by the handle like any average out of his mind teenager show off would do and one time Craig took the knife and tossed it in the air and on its return flip the handle did not make it completely around and the blade hit him in upper part of the wrist just below his thumb. We were all in kind of shock dumbfounded looking at what looked like just a crease in his skin until he moved his hand and the crease opened up and you could see the bone And it started bleeding ! We all freaked out He was rushed to the hospital where they stitched it up and it was OK .Luckily it did not hit the artery or tendons in his wrist or that he did not try to grab the knife by the blade and loose any fingers. Crazy teenager Funn times!!

Everyone would meet at the Burger Pit after closing at around 10:30 and head to San Leandro to Cruizzzz in our cool cars,,,Dennis Bria,Kirk Pope ,Louis Fiore, Tony Abrew(Later known as Mario) Keith Greathouse, Angelo Simone, Bill Simone, Jack Bautista, Mike Henshaw, Phil Aubin, Bob Coupe, Dan Leiske,Keven Frye, Larry Heintz, Stuart Whitchurch, Bob Matheson,Danny Matson, and many more,,,,,This was before the movie "American Graffitti",,,we LIVED the those happy days and Craig was a very big part of our lives , I will always cherish the great times we all shared with Craig,,,,,

Mark Simone


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